How Much Does Double Glazing Cost

We are always being encouraged to save energy to reduce both our carbon footprint and our energy bills. Double glazing will undoubtedly help in this respect, however, while double glazing companies are always quick to point out the benefits . warmer home, less noise pollution, cheaper costs . they are not so quick to point out the cost of installing double glazed windows.

So how much does double glazing cost ?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for calculating the cost without actually getting some meaningful quotes. However, the problem with this is how to tell if the quote is reasonable or not and also if the supplier is reliable. Obviously the more quotes you get the better you will understand the cost and scale of the job.

This is a very competitive market so all quotes should come free of charge.

Here are some useful tips to remember

  • Get at 3 or 4 quotes including one from a national supplier such as Safestyle Windows – Free Online Quote
  • Make sure all the companies understand that you are getting several quotes.
  • Ask for references from all companies. If possible ask for someone to can contact personally.
  • Make sure the quote includes VAT and all costs.
  • Be aware of dubious tactics such as discounts offered for a limited period or if you sign immediately and so on.
  • Understand what the type of frames you require. For example, uPVC, Wooden, Aluminium, Sash Windows. You will an explanation of the different types on this site.
  • Make sure the company uses qualified professionals. They may outsource there work so make sure you understand exactly who will install the windows.
  • Finally, do not sign anything on spot. You may be promised the earth for a quick signature. The reality is the cost is likely to be the same if sign immediately or in the future.
  • Remember you are in control

Obviously, the costs will vary enormously depending on the size of the window and materials used. As a starting point you could expect to pay £300-£400 per window for uPVC frames, which are the most common.