Double Glazed Wooden Windows

One of the most popular types of window frames are still the classical wooden windows which are very popular on older houses. The classical look means that period and listed properties suit wooden windows, whereas the more modern PVCu frames look distinctly out of place. However, the opposite is not true in that wooden window frames look equally at home on modern homes and so are probably the most versatile material for window frames.

As previously implied, the major attribute of wooden window frames are the aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, they have other good points as well, particular as wood is a good insulator and much stronger than plastic. Needless to say there is a downside and with wooden frames it is that they are somewhat more expensive than the alternatives of aluminium and particularly PVCu. The other major negative is that wooden windows have a relatively short life compared to metal and plastic and require substantially more care and attention to prolong the usefulness. There is no doubt that wooden windows are the most attractive but this appearance still needs to be generated through regular maintenance.

However, as with most things technical advances mean that modern wooden window frames are much better wearing than their predecessors. There is also more awareness of the need to care for the wood and as a result the frames can last much longer.