Double Glazed Window Security

In the UK, burglaries and robberies are a constant threat to homes. 60% of burglars gain illegal entry into a house by forcing open a window vent or breaking the glass. Window security is therefore very important, particularly those windows and glazed areas which are at higher risk of attack.

Most modern homes today are fitted with double glazed, locking windows. Double-glazed windows, especially ones manufactured to British Standard BS 7412, are widely used because they are difficult to break. When they do break, they create a lot of noise. These window units can also come equipped with other security systems like multi-locks, double-locking handles and hinge-side security devices. These make double-glazed windows effective security measures, as they are difficult to force. There are 2 common types of locks – multi-point locks are basically bolts that are set into the window, whereas deadlock shoot bolts are fitted into the frame at both sides of the windows.

Double glazed windows are also available without locking or bolting mechanisms. Then, their level of security is dependant on the type of frame used. Windows with PVCu, or plastic frames, cannot be forced open from outside. This is because plastic provides a tighter seal around the glass and it does not shrink like wooden frames sometimes do. Homes with PVCu windows and doors become difficult for burglars to break into. PVCu today is the most popular material for doors and windows. However, at times, it is not possible to fit any extra locks on them, as the frames are not strong enough to support a metal lock with steel screws. PVCu frames that are reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminium seem to be the solution to this problem. Aluminium windows are known for their strength and durability. Wooden frames are also used for doors and windows and can be easily fitted with locks and bolts.

Double glazed windows are effective at keeping out intruders. Today they are commonplace in every home as they are used not only to insulate the house against cold, winds, and noise but also as a functional security measure.