Double Glazed Doors

Strong and functional doors are essential for the warmth and security of your home. Entrance doors make your home secure and draught-free. French doors, used for your gardens and patios, bring all the pleasure of the outdoors right into your house. Doors not only provide entry and exit, but also provide insulation against extreme temperatures.

When you fortify your door with two layers of glass sandwiched together, you have double-glazed your door. This provides greater energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and noise pollution. In double glazed doors, a layer of air is trapped between two glass panes. Special glass treatments or gases like argon are trapped between the layers to enhance the door’s energy efficiency. Double-glazing your doors is a valuable option and benefits you and your home in many ways.

Double glazed doors are available with door frames made of various materials. The most hardwearing are the PVCu frames, which are reasonably priced, they require low or almost no maintenance and should come with a lifelong guarantee. In the UK, wood frames are still popular for the more traditional look and aluminium frames are of course renowned for their strength. Aluminium is much stronger than PVCu and more durable than wood.

Double-glazing doors offer improved insulation compared to traditional single-glazed counterparts. They are also draught-proof and therefore add to your homes warmth and comfort. Double-glazing reduces the amount of heat that can escape from a room. This results in lower fuel consumption and, therefore, lowers your heating and fuel expenses. With these doors, there should be almost no condensation during the colder months.

Double glazed doors also much better at filtering out the noise from outside. Noise from aircrafts, passing traffic and late at night, which can all disturb the peace, are reduced considerably. These doors also result in increased home security. They are more difficult to break into, as double glazing is inherently stronger than single panes. Today most double glazed doors are equipped with a range of security features, including special locks to prevent robberies. These doors are also cost-effective, durable and very easy to maintain.

You can improve the look and boost the value of your property by replacing worn-out doors with new double-glazed ones. A wide selection is offered in wood, PVCu and aluminium frames, in various shapes and styles to suit traditional as well as contemporary homes.