Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

Double-glazed doors and windows gained popularity only in the late 1960’s when Aluminium was the popular choice for frames. The reasons for the popularity is quite clear. The main advantage of an aluminium window was its strength, which meant that people could use very slim window frames made of the material. When compared to wood, aluminium is more resistant to warping and certainly more durable, as aluminium window frames do not rot. There is also a higher level of security with Aluminium window frames and much harder for the would be burglar to negotiate. Aluminium windows are also pretty much maintenance-free and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Finally, these frames are now available in a variety of designs and colours.

However, the introduction of PVCu double glazed frames which are more economical and at least as durable has meant that the popularity of the aluminiun window has waned. The main disadvantage of aluminium windows is that they are poor insulators of heat, when compared to PVCu and wooden frames. This lack of insulation is partly addressed by putting thermal breaks in the frames, which provide better insulation. Aluminium windows are more expensive than PVCu but they are cheaper than wood. The main reasons for the decline of aluminium is that aesthetically, aluminium frames are not as appealing as wooden frames and economically they are not as cheap as PVCu. Like PVCu, in some types of listed buildings, these frames are generally forbidden.

Double glazed aluminium frames can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes, when an aluminium frame is used in double sealed units, problems can occur as a result of a small hole or puncture developing in the frame’s perimeter. Moisture gets inside the double glazing and creates a misting effect. If this happens it is usually because of incorrect installation or a faulty part, so make sure you have gaurantees from the suppliers and fitters.

Double-glazed aluminium doors and windows keep your home safe, warm, and draught free. They are an especially good choice for commercial locations and any situation where strength is the key issue. However, in your home, when aesthetics influences your choice of frames to larger degree, or you are restructed by budget, then aluminium window frames may not be the best choice.